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Habit of a Solid Developer - Part 1 - Introduction


I've been thinking about some of the software development related habits that I've practiced and acquired over the years. I thought putting some of these down in posts and sharing would both help me solidify my own thinking on the subjects, but also provide a good place to link other developers or anyone I would like to send a topic when the context justifies it.

For this first post, I'd like to highlight some older posts that fit well into this category:

In future posts I'm going to write down some of the habits that I think have helped me become a better developer over the years. While I get glimpses of (being the old guy) in a room of developers, I know that my learning is never done and my future has more personal growth than I can even imagine. Regardless, I hope you find these posts useful.

Happy Deving!

This article is Part 1 of 9 in a series about Habit of a Solid Developer.