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Use different Git Diff Tools Per File Extension


How to setup git to allow different merge/diff tools based on file extension.

I'm going to put this here so I can find it later...

Create a merge-wrapper script

To allow us the flexibility we want to determine which diff tool should be used for different file extensions, we need to break out the logic in to an external script. Below I have 2 samples of a merge script. I started with the .sh file (bottom), but changed over to the .js version (above that) since it is easier for me to maintain.

I haven't yet tried to run this on windows, but suspect we can wrap the merge-wrapper.js in a .cmd file calling it with Node.JS.

Customize the merge-wrapper.js

  1. Extend with other diff tool support:

    If you want to extend the script to add support for your own diff tool, just create a new function that returns an object following the pattern of the existing createP4MergeCommand or createOpenDiffCommand.

  2. Modify which diff tool is used per extension:

    If you want to change which tool is used per file extensions you can modify the diffLookup hash to map various extensions to whatever tool you setup.

  3. Leave me a comment (either here - or in the gist) of what diff tool you added.

    I'd be happy to take contributions of other diff tools in this gist if you leave a comment with yours...

Below was an attempt at using a bash script to manage what I do above, it'll work for some, but I didn't want to maintain this - prefer the JS version instead.

Setup ~/.gitconfig

Now that we've created our merge wrapper script we need to tell git how to use it.

Say we placed our merge script in the following directory: $HOME/dotfiles/tools/merge-wrapper.js. You can add the below to your ~/.gitconfig file and when you use git difftool our new merge-wrapper will be used to pick diff tools based on file extension.

	tool = merge_wrapper
[mergetool "merge_wrapper"]
	cmd = $HOME/dotfiles/tools/merge-wrapper.js \"$BASE\" \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\" \"$MERGED\"

Diffing tool feature request

Most of us have probably tried different versions of a file diffing tool. Some are picky about their choice. Personally I’m fond of two different tools (mostly because they’re easy to find/install and setup). Here’s a post where I talk about how I like to integrate these tools when working with TFS and Visual Studio - /2009/08/development-environment-mergecompare.html

A couple months ago, I _slowly_ started learning Git. Since that initial plunge, I’m now in a place where much of it still scary unknown; however, I know enough get what I need done. And when I get to the point where I need to do something I’ve never done, well I go figure it out, and it becomes another part of the personal Git toolbox.

I’ve been working git solely through the command line (in PowerShell actually). I know it’s not the best place to take full advantage of Git; however, it’s working for me.

The other day needed to review changes in a file back in the commit history. Up until this point I had only diff’d uncommitted files with the most recent version of that file, and I already wired a visual diffing tool where I could then use the “git difftool …” command to review differences.

However this was the first time I had to look at a file further back in time than the head. After a quick search I came across the “gitk” command. gitk is “The git repository browser”. I’ve known about this tool, however am trying to keep with the command line tools. (Except for diffing files)

Below is the UI when running the “gitk build-tasks.ps1” in the root of the StatLight project.

Notice how there’s a list of changes to the file, and under that the diff of the previous version to the selected version.


One thing do like about the above, is the list of revisions and how they are right there in your face. Going back in time is really easy. My only problem is I’m not accustomed to the linux style diffing, and still prefer the side/by side file diffing.

On to the feature request…

What problem is this new feature trying to solve?

The problem of having a file diff between version E & F and then needing to look at the previous version to E. (easily) AND show the different versioned files side by side AND make it easy and intuitive to go back in time.

How might this feature request look?

Maybe someone is doing this, maybe not. It would be interesting to leverage a (mouse drag – or text command [EX: Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow]) to “pan” between versions through file diffing view. Kind of like you can drag the pictures on an iPhone to view the previous or next one. I could drag the mouse across the screen to pan to the previous/next view of the diff.


Below is a quick mockup of the thought – definitely far from refined.


One challenge to true implementation?

The main problem to solve (if you write a generic text diffing tool) is needing to interface with different SCM’s so you can retrieve the the previous/next versions of the file. Basically having to know what SCM the file is under.


Anyone mind taking this project on and implementing this in one of the decent open source file diffing tools out there? (ex:  I would love you for it. Well… I’d buy you a beer.

Development Environment Merge/Compare Tools Setup in Visual Studio/TFS

I’m writing this post more as a reminder to myself when I need to setup my development environment again. In the past I have usually leveraged Google to search Keith Craig’s blogs and pieced the information together each time.

In this post I will outline the details I need in the two blogs Keith wrote and how I use that information when setting up my development environment for custom diff/merge tooling with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server. I’m giving both the text version for copy/paste and the screenshots of each so it’s clear how each is used.

First you will need to install the tools listed before going into configuring the setup of the options.
  1. DiffMerge
  2. WinMerge
Next you need to open the TFS “Configure Tool” dialog from within Visual Studio.

Go to Tools –> Options –> Source Control –> Visual Studio Team Foundation Server –> Configure User Tools.


Now you’re ready to configure each tool as outlined below.

Merge tool - DiffMerge

How to integrate with VS

My setup options for VS:

Extension: .*
Operation: Merge
      x64 default install path - C:\Program Files (x86)\DiffMerge\DiffMerge.exe
      x86 default install path - C:\Program Files\DiffMerge\DiffMerge.exe
Arguments: /title1=%6 /title2=%8 /title3=%7 /result=%4 %1 %3 %2

Compare tool - WinMerge

How to integrate with VS

My setup options for VS:

Extension: .*
Operation: Compare

      x64 default install path - C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe
      x86 default install path - C:\Program Files\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe
Arguments: /ub /dl %6 /dr %7 %1 %2 -e



James Manning
FWIW, you can see the arguments for other tools here:

I love KDiff3 :)