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Slightly modified “CD” Command for Powershell: Even better


There's this little "CD" utility that I iterate on every once in while but has become one of my favorite PowerShell tools on Windows.

Not because it's really that great, but more because there are some navigation habits I acquire over on a Mac in a ZSH terminal that become challenging to not have on a Windows PowerShell terminal and each time I iterate on it, it synchronizes my workflows on both Mac and Windows environments.

In my previous update I added support for typing cd ...N where cd .. will go up 1 directory, so cd .... will go up 3 directories.

Well today I found out that I can declare a function in powershell with a name .. - WHO KNEW?

For example if you pasted the following into your PowerShell terminal: function ..() { echo "HELLO"; }; ..

This would define the function .. as well as run it and print out HELLO.

This was a fantastic stumbling on my part because on my Mac I often go up 1-n directories by typing .. at the terminal or ..... <-- however many I want to go up.

So today I updated the Change-Directory.ps1 with the following shortcuts:

function ..() { cd .. }
function ...() { cd ... }
function ....() { cd .... }
function .....() { cd ..... }
function ......() { cd ...... }
function .......() { cd ....... }
function ........() { cd ........ }

If you're interested in the evolution of this CD tool:


Happy CD'ing!