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Migrating from BlogSpot to Octopress - Part 8 - Redirect Atom/RSS in FeedBurner


warning I've migrated away from Octopress and this site is now built using ToggleJS with a custom GulpJS file. warning

This article is Part 8 of 9 in a series about Migrating from BlogSpot to Octopress.

This one is quick and easy.

I noticed that my original RSS feed was 302 redirecting to

So I went to where I was already logged in (due to being auth'd with google/blogger) and from their I selected my feed and chose Edit Feed Details where I could put in my new RSS feed to

After doing this, I noticed 3 of my previously posted blogs show-up-again, but I can live with that.

Now you've hopefully migrated your blog's RSS subscribers automatically without loosing any.