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Migrating from BlogSpot to Octopress - Part 7 - Setup a Custom Domain


warning I've migrated away from Octopress and this site is now built using ToggleJS with a custom GulpJS file. warning

This article is Part 7 of 9 in a series about Migrating from BlogSpot to Octopress.

To host your blog for free by GitHub, you are not required to buy a custom domain so this is an optional step, but one I took.

The reason I have a complete post on this topic is primarily to say that I was able to accomplish this while not even at my desk.

While out waiting for my daughter to complete practice, I sat on my iPhone and was able to not only buy the domain name but I also configured the CNAME on GitHub. By the time I got home from my daughters practice, I could hit my blog through the new domain Exciting!

You can use this post for a quick and simple walk through.