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Introducing StatLight (Silverlight Testing Automation Tool)


What is it?

StatLight is your first class TDD/BDD/(Insert your testing style here) tool for Silverlight. Its main focus is developer productivity.

(The website is young, however the tool is ready to go… Download StatLight here)

In the realm of Silverlight, the tooling support has not had the chance to catch up to what you might have come to expect from normal .net development. When developing Silverlight applications using a test driven style, with the current tooling, it can become a little more tedious than one might like.

A number of testing methodologies have sprung up to enable some sort of testing for Silverlight developers; however, few actually run the tests in the browser.

Below is a short list of features StatLight currently has.


  1. In browser runner to test how your code will “actually” run in the wild.
  2. TeamCity Continuous Integration support
  3. Smooth Console Runner
    1. One time runner (screenshot below)
    2. Continuous Integration runner
      1. This runner will startup and watches for any re-builds of your text xap file. Every time you re-build it will pick up the new test xap and immediately start running the tests.
      2. This feature gives the most as far as developer productivity.
      3. I will put out a video to show how best to use it soon…
  4. Tag/Filtering support (to narrow down the tests run at a given time)
  5. XUnit support leveraging XUnit (Light)
  6. MSTest support. (March 09 build)

On the way:

  1. Better Documentation and how to/help videos
  2. NUnit support leveraging Jeff Wilcox’s NUnit port
  3. support
  4. MSBuild

Download StatLight here