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One of the Simplest Things You can do to Improve Email Communication



Respond to emails with got it. Or some context-related reply, for example: thanks or will respond with further detail later...

More Context

We all know that communication is important, and often where things go awry.

I sometimes wonder if I'm alone in this thinking, but don't think I am. When I send an important email, I like to know that the person on the other end received it. It may be an email that will take the other person time to respond with the detail necessary, but it's awfully unproductive to send an email, and wait a day or two before finding out that the communication was never received.

Simply replying with got it or got it, will respond with more detail later... is a great way to notify me that you've received the email (and may take some time to respond).

I don't necessarily care that my email takes priority, but at least knowing that the other end has seen it is 1/2 the battle.