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How NOT to Start Asynchronous Communication





Don't you hate it when...

...someone is using a beautifully designed asynchronous tool to communicate with you but instead they try to pretend it is synchronous?

Please!!! If you ever have to communicate with someone through an asynchronous-able tool like a text message, instant messaging, or email don't just say Hey! and wait for a response.

Try saying Hey! I wonder if you could... or some alternative where the single message can contain both a polite introduction Hey along with some actionable context about why the polite introduction has taken place. If you can't begin to privde the initial context and are waiting for the other person to respond with Hey, you've both wasted their time and yours.

Often times a single chat message can distract someone who is concentrating hard on a subject. If a hollow Hey! is provided, you've likely pulled whoever you wanted to talk to out of that concetration as well as not provide them enough context to be abel to respond or help you. Instead they're possibly sitting there waiting for you to say something next, or maybe you're waiting for them to say Hey back (which you may never get)...

Asynchronous communication can be an amazing productivity tool if used efficiently.

Happy Chatting!