Developing on Staxmanade

JSMP/SystemJS Starter Plunker


I'm writing this post more for myself as a quick way to get going with JSPM, but if you find it useful please feel free.

Since I've recently been playing with JSPM, I've found it useful to kick-start my prototyping with a plunk. I've created a number of starter plunks below (and continue to add to the list.

Full list of JSPM starter plunks

JSPM Starter

JSPM, React


JSPM, React, MochaJS

JSPM, React, MochaJS, (Sample jsx Component test)

JSPM, React, WinJS

JSPM, React, WinJS, MochaJS

How to use:

  1. Click one of the links above
  2. Review the various files. Open and edit the app.js file
  3. Start writing code!

Be sure to open your developer tools and monitor any console output for errors...

If you want to take more of a test driven approach to your prototype take a look at MochaJS with JSPM or go directly to the JSPM/MochaJS Plunk

Happy Prototyping!