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Infinite Scrolling UICollectionView with Asyncronously Loading

The other day I set out to create an iOS UICollectionView that allowed a user to scroll vertically through an infinite-ish list of items where the data came from a paginated back-end web service. Most of the examples out there deal with synchronous in-memory. I needed an asynchronous paginated example.

I'm new enough to iOS development that solutions don't yet roll off the wire of my keyboard, so I still google for how others attack a problem and adapt their strategy to fit my needs.

It seemed like it took me all day to track down the pieces I needed to put together a solution. But I found enough to put together a prototype.

If you need something like this, I've pushed my prototype up to GitHub and hopefully it'll give you enough hints to get started on your own implementation.

I'm open to feedback. Post any suggestions/alternative ideas to the github repo.

Where do I get it?


Hope you find this useful.