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Windows 8 Share Charm Data Inspector

In a previous post I mentioned I would share the app I created during a Windows 8 hackathon event.

I spent some more time adding polish, testing, re-thinking my initial designs and today, I’m excited to say that it is now in the app store!

What does this app do?

The Share Data Inspector is an application that allows you to inspect the details of data being shared from other applications through the Windows 8 Share Charm (Win+H).

For example, if you open the Video app, select a movie and use the share charm (Win+H) to share the video, what data is actually shared? The Share Data Inspector will appear up as an application you can share the just about any data with and you can inspect at a lower level what values are shared.

This application will give you insights into data that you never thought was being shared.

How do I get the app?

Open your Windows 8 App Store and search for “Share Data Inspector”. (or click the link “View in Windows Store” button.

I’d like to suggest a feature:

If you’ve downloaded the trial app and would like to see some improvements. Head over to this site, suggest a feature and help this application grow from a hackathon created app into a full-fledged application.

Happy Sharing!