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PDC 2009 – (Talking about Win7 User Experience)

As a #NotAtPDC attendee following along from the outside I just had to post this little bit of irony…

While watching one of the PDC 2009 keynotes live they were talking about how great Windows 7 user experience is.

“so we’re going to show you a demo of how “… bla bla great bla…”our user experience has improved”… And the video cuts to this - here’s my user experience.


and we come back to the show (crowds laughing in the background)

I don’t know what he said after rejoining the stream as I started writing this post…

and right after we cut to this.


And then we came back with commentary saying “it’s great to see the reaction”. Don’t know what is so secret they couldn’t broadcast online (but can show thousands in the live audience).

I just thought it was ironic, how much emphasis went into a great user experience blah blah, and the image above is all it was for us :)

Oh well (maybe it’s in the PDC keynote you can watch on line now), or maybe, I’m just jealous I didn’t one of the netbooks.