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Castle.DynamicProxy2 now ported to Silverlight!!!

I know what you're thinking (or at least what I was thinking before I knew better). What is the Castle.DynamicProxy and who cares it was ported to Silverlight?

To be honest I didn't know it existed until I tried to find a mocking framework for doing Silverlight unit testing. Then I found this thread over on the Moq mocking framework's home site which talked about needing to get the Castle.DynamicProxy ported before Moq could be ported to Silverlight.

Turns out, the DynamicProxy is one of the core dependencies of the two major open source mocking frameworks out there. (Moq, and Rhino Mocks)...(I'm sure there's others out there, but for now I only care about Moq because it's what we use at work)

After sitting around for about three months since I first read the thread and not hearing any word about the DynamicProxy being ported, I thought I'd take a stab.

Joined the castle devl email group, threw a ping about the port and I was off...after a couple weeks several late nights, and a few patch submittal turn-backs by hammett I finally got the patch in a place he liked and he applied it on Jan 3 2009.

What a great feeling of relief, this was a big step forward to getting full mocking support in Silverlight.

There is still one pending thing with the DynamicProxy & all Castle.Silverlight projects to date...we need to integrate the build and testing into their NAnt builds. Once that's done and a binary release is out, Moq port to I come.

p.s. I already have a patch for Moq, but Daniel said he won't apply it till he can get the "official" binaries, which is fine. I would probably do the same if I were overseeing a decent sized open source project like Moq.

Soon enough...we'll have Silverlight mocking...


Great job ;)
This is very good news. Thanks for the work.