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unbound TFS project - how do I get the offline changes checked in?

Our company's code is currently hosted at a third party development shop and once in a while my solution gets marked as "offline". When I right click on the root of the solution node I get an option to "Go Online". If I'm in this state and I go online, it connects to TFS and scans through the entire solution looking for modified files.

So yesterday their internet was down ALL DAY (what a pain, I never realized how dependent I was on source control). So I was trying to edit a file and V.S. kept trying to check it out from TFS before making the edit, which would fail, and leave the file in a read only state. This sucked because I wasn't able make changes to any file.

I did the first thing I knew of on how to get my files in a state that I could work with for the day. I went to File -> Source Control -> Change Source Control and proceeded to "Unbind" each project from tfs. This allowed me to work for the day, make changes, etc without being road blocked by TFS.

Then this morning I came to work and the companies internet was working, and I was able to get to TFS successfully. I re-opened the solution, and unfortuantely in my "Pending Changes" tab there was only a couple files checked out. This was not good because I knew I made many more changes than it thought I had.

This is where the first paragraph above comes into play... I wanted visual studio to figure out all the things I did yesterday because I knew I wasn't going to remember all the files I touched. So I googled about VS's offline/online modes and ran across this blog.

After reading some of the details about how VS works with TFS I decided to try and get my solution "offline" so I could bring it back online and allow it to figure out my changed files...

To accomplish this I opened up regedit. Followed Ben's pointer to


In there I set

When I re-opened my solution. It opened in offline mode. I was then able to bring the solution online and as expected, it noticed all the changes I made yesterday. (THANK YOU TFS, would have been nice to do this w/out hacking the registry though).


If I click on my solution in the "Solution Explorer" the only buttons if have are... "Properties", "Add New Solution Folder", and "Refresh Status" (this is a VisualSVN button)...

is there some sort of option I need to enable to see this command?
There is a button on the top of the solution explorer for going offline/online. It's awfully convenient.