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StatLight – Goes Open Source

Although I made a very minor attempt at making StatLight a “for-sale” product, I knew when I started that open-source was most likely going to be my long term path for StatLight.

What is it? (Silverlight Testing Automation Tool)

StatLight is a tool developed for automating the setup, running, and gathering results of Silverlight unit tests. StatLight helps to speed up the feedback cycles while practicing TDD/BDD/(insert your test style here) during Silverlight development.

Where can I get StatLight?


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StatLight (Silverlight Test Automation Tool) V0.8 Released


A new version of the StatLight tool has been released.


Major Feature Updates:

  • Support for 64bit
  • Back support for previous Microsoft.Testing.Silverlight assemblies
    • By giving the tool a specific -v=[December2008 | March2009 | July2009], StatLight can now run the asynchronous tests supported by the Microsoft Testing library.
  • Xml report output.
    • By giving the tool the -r=<FilePath.xml>. StatLight will write out an xml report of the test run.
  • Update to the Silverlight 3.0 Runtime – Should be compatible with Silverlight 2.0 assemblies.

Minor Updates:

  • Support for auto-closing modal Silverlight MessageBox dialogs.
  • Update feedback to the end user for when access to run statlight web service is not allowed (Added better feedback on how to get it up and running).
  • Added a timeout monitor to detect when the StatLight browser has not communicated with the StatLight server within a reasonable amount of time. StatLight will stop running if communication (a test message) has not arrived within 5 minutes. (Will look into making this configurable)
Also to note:

StatLight – V0.5 released!

A new version of StatLight has been released!

Major Features Added:

  • NUnit support
  • Further MSTest support
    • In the previous version (0.4) you could only use StatLight with the March 2009 build of Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing.dll. It will now work with any version.
      (Update: the Silverlight Asynchronous testing style is not currently supported)

Minor Tweaks:

  • The debug.assertion creates a failure test event
    • It used to write a message to the console. It will now create a failure event, similar to a test that fails.
  • Support for [Ignore]’d tests for each supported framework (MSTest, NUnit, Xunit)
Soon to come: