Developing on Staxmanade


My name is Jason Jarrett. I'm a software developer who started in 2000, a technology enthusiast, husband, and father of 2. I'm a continuous learner who enjoys being challenged by new ideas and technologies. I work from my home office in Reno, NV for Vertigo where I've been on teams that have shipped various apps on Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPhone/iPad, and many more I can't talk about publicly. I'm a member of the ElegantCode blogging community and blog as topics and time arise.

My interests include following the new and shiny (squirrel) while focusing on lessons learned, best practices, and teachings of respected developers in the software community.



Projects & Apps

  • Resgrid - My partner Shawn founded and I try to help out where I can. Resgrid is a...

    Personnel, resource logistics and department management system designed for first responders, volunteer and career fire, EMS, Search and Rescue, HAZMAT, public safety and more.

  • Share Data Inspector Windows 8 application that

    Provides a deep dive into what data is being shared when you click on the share charm (Win+h keyboard shortcut) from within nearly any Windows 8 application.

OSS (Open Source Software)

  • You can find most of my OSS work up on my github/staxmanade account.

  • ToTypeScriptD

    You can now generate TypeScript definition (.d.ts) files from either .Net or .winmd assembly files. Allowing you to leverage these libraries in your TypeScript/JavaScript WinJS or other client side software applications with all the type safety and benefits of TypeScript.*

  • Approvals.NodeJS - Created an initial port of the Approvals in NodeJS

  • PutOnAHelmet See blog post

  • CommandAllThings - Wrapper around task runners like (gulp/grunt/rake/etc...) allowing you to accidentally type the wrong starting command and still accomplish the actual task.

  • SypeIt - Command line tool to get you into conference calls, including extensions or conference id's.

  • NuGet Automation for DefinitelyTyped - I threw together some scripts that automatically publish NuGet packages when DefinitelyTyped TypeScript definitions are updated.

  • StatLight (long live Silverlight) - In 2008, I founded a popular (if you can call it popular given the # of people who used silverlight minus the number who cared about unit testing) unit testing tool StatLight, which became the de facto standard when it came to running Silverlight (What is that?) unit tests on continuous integration servers.

  • I contributed an initial port of the Castle Project's DynamicProxy to Silverlight so that I could eventually contribute a Silverlight port of the Moq mock testing library which also paved the way for Rhino Mocks to eventually be ported to Silverlight.

  • I've continued to contribute in small ways to other libraries I've leveraged along the way including MassTransit, PSake, SpecFlow, DefinitelyTyped


I devour a large number of podcasts. The link above points to a relatively up-to-date list of what I listen to on a regular basis.